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Learn Apollo

A hands-on tutorial for Apollo GraphQL Client


Get a broad overview of the goals and prerequisites for this hands-on tutorial to Apollo Client and get to know the Pokedex app we will build together. You can use the included GraphQL backend to get the most out of this tutorial and follow along in several practical steps that will lead to a fully functional Pokedex app! As Apollo is a GraphQL client, this introduction focuses on the client side. However, you can connect your application to your very own GraphQL endpoint and access the data with the integrated data browser.

Tutorial Tracks

This tutorial includes tracks for React, React Native (Expo) & iOS, and many more are planned! You will be guided on a step-by-step basis from a basic starter-kit application to a complete Pokedex application using your favorite JavaScript technology. Finish multiple tutorial tracks to increase your understanding in React, React Native or other technologies. The exercises cover different concepts specific to GraphQL or Apollo Client. Learn about GraphQL queries and how to use fragments to encapsulate data requirements. See how single or multiple mutations work. Find out about powerful pagination using GraphQL and Apollo Client.


Several excursions are planned, that will zoom in on specific topics such as improving your development workflow with the Redux DevTools or controlling the Apollo Client Store with mutation results and optimistic UI.